Conn (1928/M213801) F-Mezzo Soprano

Made By C.G. Conn Ltd

Pat Dec.8,1914

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A Cool Collector’s Piece!

Here is a very nice vintage C. G. Conn “F Mezzo” soprano sax, serial number 213801. These old “F altos” are extremely rare to find, and this one comes with some unique provenance as well. It is a great find for the dedicated saxophone collector.

This instrument was originally a factory unlacquered, bare brass instrument. In 1938, the owner decided to send it to the Buescher factory for a complete factory overhaul, and decided to have it lacquered then. At the time, the plant manager at Buescher was also a Conn employee, so there was a lot of back and forth between the two companies! All of the original paperwork from Buescher showing this work is still included with the saxophone. Also previously, the owner had had the alternate F# tone hole sealed and that keywork removed, and also the side Bb key shortened. We debated restoring this keywork to the saxophone, but ultimately decided to keep it as-is in that regard, in support of the provenance of this instrument. It is definitely a unique history of this saxophone.

The whole idea of the F-Mezzo dates back to the early days of the saxophone. While we know the sax family as alternating between the keys of Eb and Bb, there was also the idea to alternate a whole set of saxes in the keys of F and C. You’ve probably heard of the “C Melody” tenor, and perhaps even seen an old C soprano out there, but the F alto, or popularly known as the F-Mezzo soprano, is much more rare. You very rarely see these come up for sale!

This particular horn looks great in the factory lacquer. There is one noticeable wear spot around the low Eb key, as seen in the photos, but the rest of the horn looks incredible with little finish wear. We have decided to let this alto saxophone sell “as is” so you can have your preferred tech repad it. It will ultimately need to be repadded before you can play it.

This is truly a unique instrument, and one with a story to tell. It ships in its original case.

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