Conn (1929/M224648) Conn-O-Sax

Made by
C.G. Conn Ltd.
Elkhart Ind

Patd Dec. 8,1914

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PM Woodwind:

Conn-O-Sax #224648 

This is a beautiful vintage Conn-O-Sax. This sax was made by Conn and is considered to be one of the rarest and most collectible saxophones ever produced. It has a rich, vibrant, resonant sound and a solid center, not too spread.

This Conn-O-Sax appears to have an interesting past. The lacquer appears to be original, but I have found small traces of silver-plating on some of the keys and a few posts. That leads me to believe that at some point it was silver plated. However, since the lacquer color is correct, and all of the markings are in such excellent condition, it may have been stripped at the factory for someone who wanted a lacquer sax. We may never know. The owner of this sax purchased it in Baltimore, MD in 1965. He purchased it in it’s current condition, and has not played it for a long time.

Approximately 65% of the lacquer is remaining. The lacquer has worn quite evenly throughout the sax. There are no major dents, except for a tiny ding here and there, and very little soldering. The receiver and the two octave key guides at the top of the sax have been resoldered, but not due to any damage, and also the post at the top of the low B/Bb keys. Other than that, the sax is in very good condition. Pads are older Conn reso pads and are still in good condition. This sax was personally set up and adjusted by Paul Maslin. The sax has the original neck and the original case. It does not have the original mouthpiece. I am currently searching for one.

This saxophone is pitched in the key of F. It has a range from high G down to low A. It also has the nail file G# key. Each high note from high D to high G has a corresponding palm key. The low A key is next to the right hand thumb hook. It is hard to describe exactly how this instrument sounds because it is so different from other saxophones. It also plays extremely well in tune. To hear how it sounds, please go to the video on our Facebook page of Chris Potter playing this Conn-O-Sax when he did a clinic at PM Woodwind recently. This should give you a great idea of how it sounds with Chris playing it!

This is a fantastic blowing Conn-O-Sax. It is in very good condition and is an extremely rare find. These very seldom come into the market place. This is truly one of the most unique saxophones ever produced.

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